How Far Would You Go?

During my last trip to Asia in September, which you can read about here, I shared some insight into the sourcing and cutting process for the gems Cavalier works with. But, upon my return I felt there was still something missing from the articles. How do I show the process more in-depth?

There are so many intricacies during the mine to market process that were left unsaid, un photographed, and there was still more of the story to be told. Ultimately the best way to share my experiences overseas was to make a video, and at the same time include a “How it’s Made” type segment.


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Cavalier How It's Made - Thai Cutting

Cavalier How It's Made - Selecting The Perfect Stone

Cavalier How It's Made - Innovation - 3D Printing

Cavalier How It's Made - Precision and Custom - Setting V2

Cavalier How It's Made - Precision and Custom - Setting

Cavalier How It's Made - Epic Proposal