Remember when you were younger and you had all these wild and crazy but, in your mind, totally realistic dreams? You were going to have two million dollars, live in a mansion, drive a corvette, marry Alyssa from your 3rd grade class, and have four kids. And that was just from the game of M-A-S-H you played at recess. Then, after you got home, you won the Stanley Cup in your driveway after you scored the winning goal (in overtime, and it was your fifth of the game), dominated a life-sized Bugs Bunny in the main event at Wrestlemania, and, right before bed, imagined the day you too would be Hanging With Mr. Cooper.


Flash forward to today: you’ve finished 2nd once in your recreational hockey league, gotten into two bar fights where no title was awarded and, about a year ago, you become friends with a guy named Paul Cooper. He’s white. But hey, life is good.


All that said, just because we’ve settled into the routines and responsibilities sadly associated with growing up, that doesn’t mean we won’t jump at the chance to live out our childhood dreams with the next best thing. And this is where the Cavalier Cup comes in.


If you read last week (and Thank U again for doing so), you’ll remember that we’ve had the privilege and good fortune for Lord Stanley’s Mug to visit our shop in Gastown on two occasions. It was after the second visit that we were throwing around ideas for our next fundraiser in support of the ALS Society of BC. For those who don’t know, The ALS Society of BC is the main beneficiary of our charitable efforts because both mine and Keith’s family’s have been directly affected by this terrible disease.


Ultimately, we decided on a tournament style event where there could be only one winner. And then when we couldn’t get the permits, but mostly because no one would volunteer as tribute, we decided to have a ball hockey tournament. Trophy for the winners, jealousy for the losers.


Both years we’ve rented out the hockey box at Sunset Beach and its been perfect. The surface is well-maintained and the location ensures a high volume of pedestrian traffic which is great for raising awareness and giving the illusion of a sellout crowd. Both tournaments featured eight teams and forty runners with the range of skills demonstrated nicely here by Patrick Stefan and Ales Hemsky.


It’s only been two years but we already have a dynasty on our hands. The team of Jon Toigo, Brodie Reid, Logan Manning, Scott Lowrey and Sean Bonar  took the Cavalier Cup for the second straight year and I’m sure they’ll be looking for a three peat next year at the same time.


This years event was graciously supported by Postmark Brewing, Mark Anthony Group, Eastwood Cycle, Saxx, Chambar, Wildebeest and Hawksworth.


More importantly, across both tournaments, we’ve raised over $2,500 for the ALS Society of BC.


Slightly less importantly, a bunch of guys who dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup as kids are able to come together once a year to play for the next best thing.